Sunday 4th November – Breeders Cup Hangover & NFL Sunday!

Must apologise for the lack of posting for the last couple of days. It’s been incredibly busy and I just haven’t had the time in amongst the travelling and working to get anything down. I had five days on the road which has taken its toll. I’m zombie like today.

An interesting few days. Every year I feel divided by the breeders cup. On one hand I think it’s a fantastic spectacle….but on the other I don’t feel it represents truly run top class horse racing. There have been so many hard luck stories over the two days and false results through brain-dead rides it makes it hard to fathom. It is just about the only two days of the year in America that horses run in a pack too which I’m sure adds to the volatility of the results. Mike Smith has got 18 breeders cup wins to his name, so what the hell was he doing on the favourite in the marathon? He is a closer or stretch runner as the americans like to call them, yet Mike gunned him to the lead about 7f out? The poor horse needed an oxygen tank up the home straight. Hughesy was desperately unlucky on Sky Lantern as was Buick on The Fugue. Pretty certain both would have won with a clearer passage.

I am seriously considering a trip next year to take in both the breeders cup and the Melbourne Cup. The problem is that with the time difference and the 15 hour flight between LA and Melbourne it would be very tight. You would need to be flying on the Saturday evening I think, as if you flew Sunday you wouldn’t arrive until Tuesday which is the day of the race.
Anyone that has done this trip, get in touch!


Really interesting NFL action tonight too and I think there is a real quality treble to be had on the live games today.

REDSKINS, GIANTS and FALCONS all to win pays approx 11/4.

Very jealous of my brother James and his girlfriend Hannah as they are on their american road trip and are off to the redskins game later. Lucky gits. Better be getting me a present!
Have a cracking Sunday

All the best