Just a little update……

Just thought I would put down a few words as it’s been a while. Firstly thanks for the NHL messages and well done to everyone that backed the divisional bets. For those that missed them, we had 15 points worth of bets at the mid-season point.

Vegas to win the Pacific (2pts @ 7/2) WON +7

Washington to win the Metropolitan (2pts @ 7/2) WON +7

Nashville to win the central (5pts @2/1) WON +10

So we are already 9pts in profit with the outright bets still going. Which are as follows:

Vegas 33/1 now general 8/1

New Jersey 30/1 now general 25’s (will be much shorter if they manage to upset no.1 seeds Tampa in first round of the playoffs).

Washington Capitals (2pts @ 16’s) now general 10’s.

Boston Bruins 33/1 now 6/1 2nd favs.

So we have four lively darts at the jackpot with profit already pocketed. Hopefully at least three of these will get through the first round and we should have great darts at the QF’s.

On the racing front it has been a stupid run. I just cannot remember in my lifetime a sustained period like we are experiencing of bad weather and terrible ground. Speed figures have largely been useless since the turn of the year.

I’ve been chomping at the bit to be running my turf flat season data but the weather has cost us all meetings worth of note so far. I very much doubt I will start them properly until May now. Of all the Proform systems that I’ve developed the Power Ratings System continues to go really well. After finishing 2017 +791.50 pts it is already +114 pts to the good so far in 2018. It is proving to be very reliable indeed. This system has been made available to Proform Platinum subscribers in the new Whatsapp group that has loads of development ideas.

I have been working on a host of new ideas too, some for myself and some for others. One thing to keep your eye on for the time being is horses running second time after a wind op. This is about +50pts so far and is being monitored.

It looks like in the next week or so the weather will finally turn. I’m sure it will take a few weeks for the form to start to settle down but we will soon be up and running.

I’ll be back with more soon.

Enjoy Aintree




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