The blog will return now cricket is finished!


Greetings friends and readers. First up apologies (as always at this time of year) for the lack of content on the blog over the last few months. When summer takes over my schedule becomes so hectic with covering cricket and playing league cricket that it becomes difficult to commit enough time to do the blog that much justice, and as a result racing can take a bit of a back seat. Played in my last game of the season yesterday as I’m off on holiday next weekend so upon my return I will have the time to blog up again!

I hope all my regular readers have had a good summer and as we move into the autumn (and the start of the all weather…..YES!) I hope you will all become regular readers again as we search for plenty of winners.

Going forward over the coming weeks  and months I will obviously blog as much as is possible on a daily basis and then will do a decent weekly wrap over the weekend too.

I will send out a good update over the coming days….

Will be good to be back!

Muchos love