Monday 7th January!


Afternoon campers. Been a very busy day today. Still not really recovered from a weekend of being bashed in the gym and sporting let downs.

Saturday got off to a decent start early on with Brighton bagging the first half of the live TV double. The day then got much better as the bet of the day BIG FELLA THANKS literally tanked his way to victory. This was just about the last bright spot of the day! The second half of the double at Upton Park had to be listened to in the car as I was travelling back south from Coral TV. After 91 minutes on five live Graham Taylor said that RVP had been totally ineffective since his introduction…….30 seconds later his first touch was quality and the finish just as good! 2-2…..despair….an 11/1 double that everyone had mocked me for down the pan and a replay at Old Trafford, balls. Still the one blessing might be that with the fixture congestion Sir Alex is likely to play a weaker side and our better players may well all be fit again. On a sour note, United have decided to charge £45 a ticket for a replay on a Wednesday night. Clueless.

The sporting weekend only really went downhill from there! The Redskins started on fire and quickly went 14-0 up. Then RG3 aggravated his knee injury and the writing was on the wall from the start of the second quarter. There is still an awful lot that the franchise can be proud of this season. With 5/6 quality free agency additions next season there is every reason to be very optimistic of a very bright future. The only team that really impressed me this week were the Packers. I think they will go all the way in the NFC. The AFC is more interesting. Everyone is raving about the Broncos but they fail to look at the bigger picture. The boys from Denver have had a very soft schedule. They have in fact only played four teams with winning records……and they have lost three of those games, so it is not as clear-cut as everyone is making out. I think it will be a Green Bay/New England Superbowl myself.

The training has had a rough start. It’s a hard reality when you think you can do what you used to be able to. Reality is I need to build up to that level again. I’ve had a positive first week though. First weight loss weigh in is on Wednesday. I’m hoping for a big start to kick things off!

You will probably have noticed from the lack of blogging that I have had a small break from the racing since Christmas. I have got two weeks of videos to catch up on over the next couple of days so that the daily racing blog will be up and running.

If you are a racing fan/analyst/gambler of any form then make sure you check out my sponsor’s racing software. Proform are launching the new website in a few days which has tuition videos and lots of new features. It really is an absolute life saver for me and many other of the industry professionals. Click the link on the picture on my blog for a link directly to the website.

OK, videos to get my teeth into!



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