A pound for a lb challenge! HELP PLEASE!


Hi Peeps. I’m after a favour….please read below….


As many of you will be aware Macmillan Cancer Research has become a big part of all of our lives over the past couple of years and it is time to give something back.

On behalf of Macmillan on the 1st January, I will enter into a new world for 5 months. I am going into full time training in an effort to change my life and that of hopefully a few others with your support. The idea is that I will endeavour to lose 70lbs (5stone) from January 1st until May 31st.

For every pound in weight that I manage to shed over the 5 month period I am looking for sponsorship of £1 (max cost £70 if I reach the target) If this is a bit much we can also do 50pence per pound in weight.

It’s obviously going to be a gruelling and tough experience. I will be completely tee total during the five months (this includes Cheltenham) to aid and assist my goals but hopefully this will not only change my life for the better but also we can give something back to such an important charity such as Macmillan.

I really hope that this is a journey you will look to support me on; I know I can do it!

Please get in contact via email if you wish to support me and state if you are 50p or £1 sponsor. Markgrantham78@gmail.com or via Twitter @markagrantham

I would really like to try and raise several thousands of pounds and will be keeping you all up to date on my progress on a daily basis!

Thanks in advance,


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