A new week, plenty more dollars?

Morning campers.

We kick into a new week and there is plenty to look forward too. A day of rest today before a very busy week on the road at Timeform Radio and Coral TV. Looking forward to homemade chilli and jacket spuds at the usual family firework gathering tonight too, splendid.

Last night I stumbled across the Panorama program from 2002 on bent horse racing courtesy of YouTube. For some reason I’d never seen it before and I have to say it didn’t really sit comfortably with me. I know that this was done ten years ago and the game is completely different now but some of the stuff on there was frightening. I hope our game has rid itself of most of these characters, including those that govern the sport. If you haven’t seen it give it a watch…..tell me what you think!

Just looked at the entries for the Haldon Gold Cup tomorrow. Five entries, two of which are a million….so effectively a three-horse race for Exeter’s feature of the season. It is a meeting I attended in 2009 and I must say it was a cracking day. If you’re in the area get along, but seriously 5 entries? Don’t get it?

I promise I am going to put the finishing touches to my jumps season preview and horses to follow over the next few days!

Off to do last weeks videos. Have a good day!




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