London Franchise? Or NFL Europe?

Morning peeps.

What a spectacle last night was at Wembley. The Patriots ran riot and looked just a completely different gravy to the Rams. It was great to watch a legend like Tom Brady strut his stuff and I have to say again that London put on a great show.

Over the weekend there has been a lot of talk emanating that the NFL are looking into the prospect of London having its own NFL franchise!! Wow can you just imagine that? Maybe the rebirth of the London Monarchs? I’m not convinced it will ever happen as the logistics are difficult but how amazing that would be. As long as they are not put into the NFC East it’s fine by me. The question would be if we got our own franchise here, where would we play? The obvious choice would of course be Wembley, but would we realistically fill Wembley for eight home games in a season? Would the pitch stand up to that sort of beating in and amongst football games?

I’m sure there is a more pressing case to bring back some form of NFL Europe as a feeder league into the NFL. The sport is more global now than it has ever been and I’m sure you could get 8 teams from around Europe filling 40,000 seater stadiums no problem. Either way it is incredibly exciting times and I hope one or the other materializes.

This week is incredibly busy as I’m off to Coral Tv for four days from tomorrow first thing. There are no bets on the racing today. No list horses running and nothing stands out.




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