NFL Sunday @ Wembley Stadium! Pats vs Rams!

Morning campers.

Mixed emotions yesterday. Art Scholar ran another cracker to be second and the same with AvonValley. It seems that a lot of you have started putting my big priced selections into each way doubles which has been a right touch. 12’s and 14’s on the early prices. Lovely. Invincible Warrior managed to win nicely, I hope plenty of you managed to get the 5/1 early doors.
Anyway you look at it, it has been a very profitable month!

Off to Wembley today to see the big game! Can’t wait, shame about the weather, looks like I am going to freeze my rocks off!

It’s actually a tough game to call and I don’t think the Rams will get blown away and the points line is a bit high (Pats -7). Rams may well cover that but as I am going to be cheering on the Pats I think there is a decent bet to be had in the first TD scorer market.

Wes Welker & Rob Gronkowski split stakes at 6’s and 8’s!
Hope you all enjoy the day! There are no list horses running today, which is a good thing as it means they can’t finish second!



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