Monday 1st October – European Glory!

Words cannot really describe what we witnessed yesterday in Chicago. From the very first match I just had a feeling it was on the cards. Over the first two days of the Ryder Cup the Americans had holed everything and the run came to a shuddering holt as the Europeans feasted on their Nandos hot sauce!

There were so many pivotal moments in the day it is hard to summarise. Rory nearly didn’t make it as he was on eastern time (you’d been there a week Rory!) Paul Lawrie played like a god. Poults was just outstanding once again, his emotions had clearly rubbed off on the team. I’m sure Seve played his part and was watching over the lads as they created history in what has been a phenomenal year of sport in 2012. Without doubt I will be booking the three days off for Gleneagles in 2014 and will do my best to be there and have the experience of a lifetime.

The NFL was also a treat. Channel hopping was in full swing in the early part of the evening. Tom Brady comfortably went over the 292.5 yards to land bet one. The game was almost a mirror of last year until the 4th quarter when the Bills turned the ball over several times and the Pats put up 31 points in the last fifteen mins! Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 350 yards and 4 TD’s and was still on the end of a thumping as the Pats won 52-28.

Bet two was also a winner as James Jones scored the first touchdown at Green Bay @ 16/1 as the Packers edged out the Saints 28-27. They did just cover that line of 53 points but if you’d been on you would have been sweating for almost the entire game. My point about the Saints needing to score at least 24 was bang on. In the late game Lawrence Tynes missed a last-minute field goal to give the Eagles a win over the Giants. Typical that, he was my fantasy team kicker this week. Cheers Lawrence. Nat Coombs and Mike Carlson were slagging the Redskins off again last night, saying they are the only non runner in the NFC East. Don’t be so hasty boys. That is a four horse race that will go to the wire.

Looking forward to sitting down and watching the hammers tonight. They have been on telly almost every week and I have either been working or playing cricket. QPR have looked leaky to say the least but they are strong at home but fingers crossed we can put up a good performance and come away with three points. Games like this are crucial for us as after a softish start to the season we have a real tough run of fixtures coming up.

No racing selections today, Hamilton has been lost to the weather and the Bath card does not inspire. A few of the hot list are entered later in the week. Party time.

Only five days to go until the birthday bash. A coach load going to Ascot on Saturday followed by a night out in B’town. If I see you, I’ll apologise now. Bollywood is the host of the show, and he has promised us treats on the coach, dirty shot if late (10am meet). In a way I hope I don’t fancy much Saturday, then I can concentrate on the Ascot beer festival that is taking place and generally just trying to put one foot in front of the other.

I will end todays post by wishing Yatesy all the best. Most of the lads were in Prague this weekend for Potter’s stag do. As they checked in to come home last night, the nice lady at the boarding gate advised Yatesy his ticket was for Monday……………………………not Sunday. God I wish I had been there.  Looking forward to Potters wedding Friday, another one lost to the dark side.

Be lucky




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