Tuesday 25th September

A time to tread carefully with all this weather about. Very disappointed in Cherry Street yesterday. I know it was a bit of a shot in the dark at the prices but he was never put into the race and it looks like the ability may have gone. I’ll keep my eye on him but there will be no further investing until I see some positives. No bets today.

There were lots of positives to take out of the week. Sat down yesterday and did the video review of the last 3/4 days. A total of nineteen horses went firmly into the hot list, one or two of them are literally sizzling.

A shock result in the NFL last night as the Seattle Seahawks beat Green Bay 14-12. Not a shock really to NFL regulars that know that Quest Field is just about the loudest stadium in the world. The crowd are known as the 12th man, and before each game a Seahawks legend raises the 12th man flag signalling the crowd to up the tempo. For what its worth they will struggle a little on the road but they do look competitive compared to previous years and there pass rush is looking very sharp indeed.

A gruelling week ahead. Largely spent in Milton Keynes. Planning the birthday bash and looking forward to the Ryder Cup!


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