NY Giants @ Carolina

Thursday night action is upon us once again and we are gifted with a real treat too as the 1-1 New York Giants travel to the 1-1 Carolina Panthers.

I think it’s fair to say Ely Manning and the Giants just didn’t turn up in week one against the cowboys. Back to business on Sunday, they did what the giants tend to do under Ely (Self proclaimed elite quarterback). They went into a shootout against the massively improved Buccanneers and came out on top by 41-34. Manning threw for 510 yards, with 3TD’s and 3 INT’s. Truly amzing stats, but stats that can be misleading as they just love a shoot out in NYC.

Carolina started off with a defeat in Tampa in week one (16-10) so those that love a form line have it right there…….They did improve to beat New Orleans in week two but that is a can of worms that doesnt need to be opened at this stage as the Saints have untold problems in all areas of the pitch and administration throughout. Cam Newton is impressive in his own right as he posseses the threat not only with the arm but his scrambling is exceptional too (although not RG3 standard)! Both of these teams will be looking to get into the playoffs, possibly both just sneaking in so this is a pivitol game early on especially for the Giants who are in the group of death in the NFC East.

Both frachises are strong on the offensive side of the ball but struggle on defense, hence we could see a high scoring game. I struggle to see any value in playing the points spread as with hurry up offenses and 4th quarter slow downs it can be frustrating. The two bets that stand out tonight are the Giants on the handicap and Ely passing yards.

This could be a gun slinger just like Sunday and the Giants have a knack of staying in games under Manning so they look the value play to me tonight. Kick off is only 20 mins away so off to put the kettle on!



Be lucky!


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